EP Resources is launching another new type of fuel on the Czech market: COFFEE BRIQUETTES. This product is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic and no one else offers it. Coffee briquettes are made using coffee grounds from coffee capsules which would otherwise end up as waste. They are intended for those customers who are looking for environmentally friendly fuel and the concept of sustainability reflects their lifestyle.

Coffee briquettes consist of 25% coffee grounds and 75% sawdust. Their basic parameters are comparable to wood briquettes or pellets. The main advantages of coffee briquettes are high calorific value, low dust content and long burning and glowing time. Thanks to their composition – they contain no additives or binders – they are also environmentally friendly. This product is also suitable for heating in all types of stoves, boilers and fireplaces.

You can find coffee briquettes in the assortment of your favourite hobby market.

If you are interested in further details, please contact us at retail@epresources.cz.

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